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One Day - Dynamic learning full of interactive, hands on practical skills learning.  5 hours - Learning skills for life!
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Active Violence Emergency Response Training
Dynamic  -  Life
          AVOID      ESCAPE   DEFEND

Skills Learned:
Observation Skills
Behavior Analysis
Concealment vs Cover
Stop the Bleed (bleeding control)
As as last resort - Disarming (simple and quick)
When Law Enforcement Arrives!
When an emergency happens would you know how to response! When a life event is over, could you save a life! 

With this blended learning along with in-person skill practice learn how to perform quality CPR and use of AED.  Steps of  theChain of Survival and to be an immediate responder while waiting for advance care to arrive or be allow to enter the scene. Leave with the skills and Confidence to be the difference.

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One flat fee for up to 15 to 20 participants per class. Get your team scheduled and take advantage of the seasoned trainer expertise that we bring. Our trainers are all subject matters experts with years of experience in the topics covered.
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Finish the day with learning how to protect yourself or your loved ones!
Refuse to be a victim and be prepared for the unexpected. Get experience on how to effectively use Pepper Spray or GEL and get a free starter kit with a practice canister for training and Pepper Gel. Up to 25 burst of pepper gel.

Learn how to save a life with learning the signs of an Opioid Overdose and and how to care for a person who is unable to help themselves by using Naloxone (Narcan).  The application of what to expect and how to respond. We are in a Opioid Epidemic

Narcan- who-can-you-can.png
Upon completion of the training session, everyone will leave this training Empowered to be the Difference in any Life Event.  Will gain the confidence to get involve in an emergency. 

In addition: 
2 Year AVERT Digital Certification 
2 Year CPR Digital Certification
1 Naloxone HCI Nasal Spray two pack
1 Pepper Gel start kit wich includes 1 Pepper Gel and 1 Inert Patrice trainer

               Who would benefit from this training
    Corporations                   Places of Worship                     Venues 
    Healthcare                      Training for Schools              Services Industry  
     Government                    Places of Retail Sales            First Responders 
    Neiborhood Watch           Youth Organization                 Executives

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