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Online CPR Certification Cost


The health care industry is one place that will always be hiring people to work. To find a job in the health field, one of the things you will need to know is CPR. There are many different places to take CPR Training Classes, such as colleges, your local YMCA and the Red Cross are places to checkout. All of these places will offer classes that comply with Federal and OSHA safety requirements. So why train with Lay Responder Training? It is simple, we offer flexibility in our training scheduling with classes that fit your needs. Our instructors are experienced and professional. We offer in-home as well as group, workplace, and community sessions. We can issue completion certificates upon completion of the course and final exam with a score of 80% or greater so there is no waiting for your certificate to come in the mail. And our cost is inexpensive and we make sure you are getting the latest techniques.

                                                                Click here to Pay for a training session: EMS Training 

Taking CPR Training Classes is also good for young teenagers that would like to become babysitters. If they are CPR certified, they can make more money per hour. Most people would feel better knowing that they left their child with an individual that has the knowledge about what to do in an emergency. It would give parents peace of mind knowing that their child is being taken care of. Even moms and dads of small children and infants would benefit from some CPR Training Classes. It could help you save your child's life. It is something that most people do not want to think about but would be wonderful to know how to use it if it became necessary. If older parents live with you it would also be beneficial to know that you have the support if something should happen to them.

Some companies and corporations also offer CPR Training Classes to their employees. Many workplaces have a safety team in place for emergencies that might come up. If you have an individual at work that has a heart attack, you could help save that person's life. Knowing CPR is just not good for those who need it for work. It can also be helpful if you are just an average person. There are many different circumstances that can arise in life and CPR needs to be used. You would be helping out the community with your selfless act of humanity.

**Certification issued upon successful completion of training on-site for all EMS Safety courses.
*Cerification Certificates will be recieved 7-10 days upon successful completion of the training course for all ARC classes. 

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For current pricing and class schedule please email us at

or you can submit a request by clicking here!

Click here to Pay for a training session: EMS Training 

Now you can get either a wallet certificate or a wall certificate with successful completion of training or request both for an additional fee of only $10. Notify your instructor prior to the completion of the training session if you desire both.

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